You don’t need a roofer until you need a roofer.

At Colorado Roofing Solutions we spend year after year helping Colorado homeowners deal with the disastrous weather that force the majority of homeowners into a new roof.  From our experience the roofing industry is completely reactive. I’m sure most of you have experienced the scenario. A hailstorm hits your neighborhood and every roofing company in the state is there shortly after to offer their services. This pushes homeowners into making quick decisions with little time to review the company they’re working with or the process in general.

We want Colorado homeowners to have peace of mind before the storm hits. For a 1 time initiation fee of $29.99 you can join our V.I.P. program and will be prepared before a storm hits. 

Our V.I.P members receive:


  • Free upgrade to a Golden Pledge warranty          

           (This includes 100% workmanship coverage for 25 years!  Guaranteed to be back by GAF, one of the largest shingle manufacturers)

  • Higher referral bonuses when you refer Colorado Roofing Solutions to do somebody’s roof ($350 – usually $250)

  • A free insurance policy review to insure your deductible for wind and hail is where you would like it to be and you have all the appropriate coverage to make you whole after a hailstorm

  • Our monthly newsletter including important tips of how to maintain your roof as well as local events going on in the Denver area

  • Notification email when a damaging storm hits your area with step by step suggestions of how to proceed, as well as a Do Not Knock sign to keep the doorbell from ringing for hours after the storm

  • Discounts on non-insurance related repairs

  • Free attic inspections to determine if your insulation and ventilation are where they need to be.

  • Free 3D rendering of your home to include roof, siding, and windows

  • An annual roof inspection to insure your roof is free of any potential leaks or problems and to document the roof prior to a storm event

Don’t get caught by surprise. Be prepared before the storm. And let Colorado Roofing Solutions help you protect your roof and more importantly what’s underneath it.  



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