Roof Certifications

Selling or buying a home can be both exciting and stressful. A roofing certification [or roof cert] can help alleviate some of that stress.

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What is a Roof Cert?

A Roof Cert is a certification that is issued by a licensed roofing professional stating that the roof of the property in question is in good standing. The industry standard for a roof cert is 5-years. This means the roofing company who issues the cert guarantees that the roof will uphold its function for at least a minimum of 5-years. This guarantee is limited to the function of the roofing system and does not include any defects that occur from mother nature [i.e. Wind and Hail] or are man made in nature.

Do I need a Roof Cert?

In most instances a Roof Cert is requested by the lender. This because they want to make sure that the property they are lending on is in good shape. Some buyers realtors will request a Roof Cert as well if they have reason to believe the roof needs attention. If you are a buyer and are concerned about the roof of your next potential home, you always have the option yourself to request a Roof Cert from a licensed professional.

How much does a Roof Cert cost?

Colorado Roofing Solutions charges $150 for a Roof Certification. There is no charge for the inspection. The $150 is only if you would like written documentation from Colorado Roofing Solutions stating the roof is in good shape.


What if the roof needs attention and a Roof Cert can not be written?

In the case that the roof is questionable or needs repairs done, Colorado Roofing Solutions will provide a report to indicate the areas that need fixed. Colorado Roofing Solutions will complete all repairs and credit the repair invoice the initial $150 for the Roof Cert. Once all repairs are made, Colorado Roofing Solutions will issue a written document stating that the roof is in good working order.