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As Master Elite Contractors we can offer Colorado homeowners extended warranty plans that other contractors may not. Ask your C.R.S. representative to learn more. 

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Cash Bids and Out of Pocket Roof Replacements:

Not all homeowners experience hail damage. Sometimes it is just time to get rid of that old roof before it does any damage to the interior of your home. When it comes to paying for your new roof out of pocket there are 2 things that most roofing companies recognize as being important to every homeowner; price and quality. 

At Colorado Roofing Solutions, we recognize that most homeowners want to pay a fair and/or low price without sacrificing the quality of workmanship and product. That's why we recommend having one of our highly trained field representatives meet with you to provide you with a fully detailed roof report to show you everything you need to know about your roof. Let us provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision about your roof and its current state. 

From there we can determine what the scope of work should entail and make sure that your roof is replaced with the best quality products on the market. 

Hailstorms and Insurance Claims:

If you have lived in Colorado for awhile you know that every summer has the potential to bring dangerous storms that can damage your property. Colorado Roofing Solutions is here to make sure you get your property back it's pristine condition.

The first step is to Contact Us and set up an appointment for an inspection. 

Why get an inspection from Colorado Roofing Solutions prior to calling your insurance company? 

The answer is simple. Although you may have experienced devastating damage to vegetation and outdoor furniture, your roof may in fact have survived the blast from the hailstones. Our job is make sure your roof is in good working order. If there is no damage we will be the first to tell you. If we ascertain that no hail damage can be found this will save your insurance company time and money and more importantly save you from filing a claim. 

What if my Colorado Roofing Solutions Field Representative finds hail damage on my roof? 

If one of our highly trained members has determined that there is enough hail damage to justify filing an insurance claim, he or she will direct you to call the claims department for your homeowners insurance. Once you have done so there are 8 simple steps to getting your claim processed and completed. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The average roof in Colorado is replaced every 5 years due to a hail storm. Finding hail damage on a roof can be tricky and should be done by an expert. If you have experienced hail in your area Contact Us today and we can provide inspection to let you know if your roof has sustained any damage. 

Whether it is hail or just time for a new roof we can help! 

Our staff is fully trained and ready to help. With our stellar workmanship and competitive pricing we guarantee you will be satisfied with Colorado Roofing Solutions as your next roofing contractor.