Over the last several months, an unknown organization has been harassing homeowners in Denver, and it has become a problem for our company.

In an awesome show of support Fox 31 came out and interviewed us to get some more information. We are extremely appreciative of Fox 31 News for sharing our story regarding these fraudulent phone calls being made. 

Please take a minute to watch it, and read the article as well. If you have any connections that may be of assistance we would love to speak to you. Have a great week Mile High City!  

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Chris Gonzales                            Clayton Putman

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They're back!!

We have received several phone calls asking us to take homeowners off of our calling list. 

Please note that Colorado Roofing Solutions will NEVER solicit to you via phone calls. If you are receiving a call from someone claiming to be Colorado Solutions or Colorado Roofing Solutions please take note of the number calling and hang up or give them our direct number as we would obviously like to talk to whomever is behind these harassing phone calls. 

We understand the frustration of receiving several phone calls a week and in some cases the same day. We are doing everything we can to research this and put an end to these unwanted phone calls. 

We're asking for your help to keep track of the numbers that are being called from. Please kindly send us whatever information you can provide. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to figure this out. 

City of Aurora Police Department Case# - 15-49217

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We were recently informed by a homeowner that these phone calls have once again started up from the recent hail activity. 

Please know that Colorado Roofing Solutions will never solicit to you via phone calls. 

Please see the information below from 2015. If we receive enough complaints we will file another report with the Aurora fraud department. 

Thank you in advance for your help.