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Purchasing of Dow PowerHouse Solar Shingles qualifies you for a 30% Federal Tax Rebate. This means you will receive 30% back on the following years tax return, plus the added benefit of energy savings, as well as any local energy credits. 

​Living in a state as beautiful as Colorado where we see 69% sunshine on an annual basis makes the Dow PowerHouse Solar Shingle a must have for any Colorado Homeowner. Contact Us today to set up an appointment to learn more. 

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Now your roof can work for you! 

Colorado Roofing Solutions is proud to have been selected by Dow Solar as one of a handful of contractors in the State of Colorado allowed to install this innovative and resourceful roofing product. 

What are PowerHouse Solar Shingles? 

Dow has designed these state of the art solar shingles as a replacement to your traditional roofing product. This means instead of having asphalt shingles with solar on top, you will have one roofing product that is also producing solar energy for you. 

These shingles are tough and nearly indestructible. They are 100% walkable and weigh no more than your standard asphalt shingle.

From a roofing perspective these shingles are an amazing product. Add in the fact that they produce energy for your home and they become a must have for any homeowner considering the switch to solar. 

From a solar perspective you not only gain the benefit of an energy producing roof, but also the added curb appeal. Solar panels can be bulky and stick off the roof causing a real eyesore. The Dow PowerHouse solar shingles are flush with the roof deck providing a sleek and unique look to your home. 

Why Dow PowerHouse Solar Shingles? 

The PowerHouse roofing solution starts with a custom designed array specific to your home. Put together by a team of engineers, this solar shingle array is the perfect solar solution for you. Each design takes in to account your homes positioning towards the Colorado sun and is designed based on your budget and energy saving goals in mind. 

When compared to conventional solar panels, the Dow PowerHouse Solar Shingle provides a far more aesthetically pleasing look. Not to mention most solar panels are installed using a lease option. The Dow PowerHouse Solar Roof is 100% owned by you! Owning this system not only allows you to collect the energy credits but also adds to the value of your home. 

(This home on the left has Dow PowerHouse Solar Shingles. The home on the right has traditional solar panels)

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