2016 Project of the Year Candidate 

Overall Job Summary:

The roof at 2700 S Downing Street in Denver Colorado was completed in July of 2016. The roof, which sits at 15/12 pitch, contained 4 layers of roofing materials. 2 layers of composite asphalt and 2 layers of wood shake. The steepness of the roof and lack of access meant all pre-existing material had to go directly on the ground and hand carried to a trailer parked on-site. Once the pre-existing roofs were removed, 60 plus-year-old tongue and groove decking was cleaned and prepped for installation of new roofing system. After being framed in with custom framing, 1 ½” ISO from Atlas was installed onto the tongue and groove followed by a 3” Atlas CrossVent system consisting of 1 ½” ISO, 1” dead air space and ½” OSB. Custom metal was fabricated and installed to adjust for the new height of the roofing system along the eaves and rakes. Installation of Lomanco Deck Air and Lomanco Lo Omni Roll RidgeVent provided adequate ventilation that did not previously exist. Once installation of Owens Corning shingles was completed custom box gutters and downspouts were made and installed.

Located on the busy intersection of Broadway and Downing and boasting a 15/12 pitch, as well as visitation from several youth groups throughout the install required this project to have extensive safety considerations and coordination. A combination of a 2-man lift and a forklift were used to assist crew members in moving materials and personnel. Daily coordination of material delivery allowed for little disruption to day to day operations and access to the church. Fall protection and other PPE were monitored and inspected daily to insure crew and public safety. Daily safety meetings with crew and visitors insured all parties were aware of where work was taking place and what safety precautions were necessary.

The roof on this church now meets City of Denver expectations for both ventilation and insulation R-value and has the dependability and durability of an Owens Corning shingle.

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Roofing System Description:

-4 layer tear off (2-layer asphalt, 2-layer wood shake)

-60+ year-old tongue and groove decking with various gaps
-Custom frame work on eave and rake to allow for installation of CrossVent
-1 ½” Atlas ISO insulation board
-3” Atlas CrossVent (1 ½” ISO, 1” dead air, ½” OSB)
-Custom fabricated metal along eave and rake
-Owens Corning ProArmor synthetic underlayment
-Lomanco Deck Air Intake
-Owens Corning Duration shingles
-Lomanco Lo OmniRoll ridge vent

In July of 2016 Colorado Roofing Solutions completed work on the Church located at 2700 S Downing. This job was nominated for Project of the Year through Colorado Roofing Association. Although our project did not win, we were very honored to have taken part in the entire process. Thank you to all the judges and participants and congrats to the winners of each category.

We look forward to having more opportunities to win in the future and are thankful to be part of such an amazing organization such as the CRA.