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CRS strives to provide high quality, long lasting roofing solutions to our customers in the Colorado market. By combining reliable customer service and top notch craftsmanship, CRS has established itself as a leader in a constantly evolving market. Choosing to do business with Colorado Roofing Solutions ensures you've partnered with a company who is

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Roofs and Colorado

Colorado Roofing Solutions is proud to be owned and operated by Colorado Natives. Living in Colorado is a privilege. We have beautiful mountains, bountiful plains, and of course the best football fans in the world.

Because we have both beautiful and dangerous weather, our roofs often need care and maintenance. There are two major factors that can lead to roofs needing repaired or replaced in the state of Colorado:


  • WIND & HAIL - The one that is most obvious [and brings most roofing contractors out of the woodwork] is hail. Colorado summers often means Colorado thunderstorms. Almost every year part of the Denver Metro Area is hit by one or more hailstorms that cause property damage. Our goal as your roofing contractor is to make sure that your home has the best roof possible. We take great pride in our workmanship as well as the relationships we build with our clients.

What should I do if my home experiences a hailstorm? 

Colorado Roofing Solutions always recommends having a trained professional look at your roof prior to filing a claim. The presence of hail does not always mean you have damage. Click Here to learn more.

  •  Ultraviolet Light - The one factor that is seldom talked about amongst roofing contractors is Ultraviolet (UV) light. UV rays are powerful damaging radiation that is produced by the sun. Ecosystems that are of higher altitude (i.e. our very own Mile High City) are prone to more exposure of this radiation. So why is this important to know about when it comes to your roof? UV light is so powerful that it breaks down chemical bonds altering the chemistry of materials. This means the more sunlight your roof receives the more likely the UV light is to break down its chemistry. Click Here to learn more about UV rays. 

How do you protect against Ultraviolet light? 

Most roofing materials that are affected by the sun's Ultraviolet light are flat roof membranes. We recommend using a roof coating to protect your roofing investment and help block out the sun's powerful rays.

Click Here to learn more.